1969 • 1979 Master Printing was founded in 1969 by John Aresta. MP was started in a store front operation located in West New York, New Jersey with an 1,200 square foot area of production & office combined. The company was started as a part time business, where John & his wife Nancy worked as a second job to earn extra income to support their growing family. The companies main source of income at the time was selling letterpress & offset printing to both social & commercial needs.
1979 • 1989 This was a major expansion for MP, the previous 10 years were easy compared to the times that were coming. Expansion & growth included a new home for MP. Which would be the 1st floor of a commercial warehouse located in Guttenberg, NJ. The new space more than doubled their previous home to 2,500 sf. With this expansion, new & used equipment was purchased. The client base was now being extended to more than just local businesses. In less than 5 years, MP was feeling growing pains & expanded again now occupying the entire building to bring its square foot capacity to 5,000 sf. Once again, adding new equipment & services to keep up with the ever changing technology.
1989 • 1995 In 1989 MP, Needed to expand with technology constantly changing, & client base expanding the company needed to become more convenient & resourceful to its clients. MP found a location just 1 mile outside the Lincoln Tunnel & was now occupying 8,000 square feet. With this change MP was now making its mark with New York City clients & their demands, entering the world of color printing & fast paced clients in the Metropolitan area. As the years quickly passed, MP’s client list grew & the demands got greater.
1995 • 2000 In 1995, to accommodate its fast growing success, & to keep up with technology, master printing purchased a new 6 color printing press with an aquas coater. MP decided to have it installed in its new location of 12000 square feet, just blocks from the NJ side of the Lincoln Tunnel, giving all of it’s New York clients, New York printing & service, at NJ prices. This expansion worked out well for the company & gave faster growth than expected.

2000 • Present Todays Modern Facility

A new decade brings a bigger and better Master Printing Inc., with business now in its 30th year it was time again for MP to set it roots even deeper. With this move to our own 30,000 sq. ft building conveniently located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, we were now able to offer our clients all the comforts of home with the latest that technology has to offer. MP spare no cost and built a state of the art modern facility where we were now able to fully grasp the 40” Offset Market. Our facility more than doubled once again, along with our press room. The new space allowed us to purchase our second brand new press a 40” six color, with aqueous coater to compliment our half size press. This combination of equipment gave us the ability to offer the service, quality and price that our clients were now expecting, We invite you to come visit our a plant in Carlstadt for a tour and see what we have built from a 1200 sq. ft store front next to the Mayfair theatre in West New York, New Jersey.

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